REVIEW: Legends of Tomorrow – Season 3 Episode 1 Aruba-Con – Episode Recap & Review

Every season I watch The CW’s DC slate and go back-and-forth about which show is my favorite. As of tonight, Legends of Tomorrow have taken the top spot.


We open with all of time happening at once with Dinosaurs in the same place and time as Big Ben (a plot line that Rip’s former employer, Doctor Who, already explored). Rip now fixes these “anachronisms” by creating (and running) the Time Bureau, which promptly fires the Legends, returning them to boring lives in their proper times:

Sara works at a shitty version of Bed, Bath, and Beyond where she fantasizes about killing her boss

Ray works in Silicon Valley for a shitty version of Tinder where his genius is underappreciated

Nate lives in Central City and fights crime with Wally West (aka Kid Flash from The Flash)

Professor Stein is retired and his wasn’t supposed to exist daughter is pregnant

Jax is studying engineering, and hating it

And Mick Rory is tanning in Aruba… until Cesar appears.

Mick, Ray, and Sara inform the Time Bureau of the Cesar sighting, but are told off. Persistent to return to their former glory, Sara gathers the Legends and they reacquire the Wave Rider from the Bureau office. Eventually they capture Cesar and return him to his time, only to have him steal Nate’s Roman History book. Bureau agents appear and save the day.

While this may not seem like the most interesting of episodes, this silly season premiere was full of hilarious lines and moments which the other DC shows have forgotten to incorporate. Both Supergirl and The Flash have gotten really heavy with stories of lost loves, and Arrow isn’t going to be all smiles this season either (we ended last season with possibly everyone dying on the island), so it’s nice to have a super hero show that isn’t taking itself too seriously – For example Mick in resort wear… well, the entire team in resort wear! Another example: to distract frat boys, Ray uses his faux-Tinder to send out a Match with a DTF co-ed. Plus, we’re reminded that Mick used to be a thief when we see that he’s swiped Rip’s portal thingy, communicator, and memory gun.

With the Wave Rider’s new slogan – Screwing things up for the Better – I’m eager to see this season unfold.

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— Yael Tygiel