REVIEW: Scandal – Season 7 Episode 1 "Watch Me" – Final Season Premiere Recap & Review

Scandal is back and we’re deep into Mellie’s first 100 days as President, but it seems Olivia is still adjusting to her new title of “Command”. I genuinely liked that we picked up where we did, but I have a few questions:

– Did Quinn really think that changing the name of OPA to QPA was a good idea? Doesn’t she know anything about branding?? Seriously, she took an established company and dissolved it only to have to start from scratch – building trust and respect. But also, why didn’t Abby stop her? Abby, of all people, would’ve been able to explain the stupidity in those actions… although, I guess we’re still mad at Abby for getting Huck almost killed.

– What is this new Political News/ debate show? What happened to our former Vice President’s “Lovers of Liberty” or News anchor Noah Baker (played by Mackenzie Astin)? As great looking as Jay Hernandez is (he’s playing Curtis Pryce), I don’t understand why Scandal’s DC can only have one political show at a time.

– Why hasn’t Olivia gotten a handle on her role as the head of B6-13? She’s clearly making the decisions for Mellie and barking orders at Jake, but why hasn’t she called in all her operatives and introduced them to their new boss. If she really wanted to, Olivia could gather her assets – Huck, Charlie, Quinn, Jake, and Tom… plus, I’m sure there are more that we don’t know about – and really run the town.

– Did Mellie really buy Olivia’s “women supporting women” speech? Is she as easy to manipulate as Fitz was? I mean Olivia made some great points, but also, she’s manipulating Mellie.

– Where is Fitz?! Where are Cyrus’ husband and daughter? Where is everyone?!

What are some of YOUR questions from the season premiere? Are YOU ready for the Scandal to end? Let me know on Twitter at @yaeltygiel

— Yael Tygiel