3 Best Episodes of Netflix's Big Mouth, Season 1!

Big Mouth may have just dropped this weekend, but my big eyes binged the 10 episodes of the first season in less than one weekend! Every episode has it’s moments – some hilarious, some grotesque, some embarrassingly familiar – below are the best 3 episodes from the first season:

1. “Everybody Bleeds” 1×2

Not only did this episode introduce us to the Hormone Monstress, voiced by Maya Rudolph, but it also gave the female perspective on the equally disgusting process of puberty.

2. “Girls Are Horny Too” 1×5

Big Mouth, written mostly by males, is surprisingly Feminist. This episode introduces the idea of horny females, but also introduces the mental aspect – women need to be turned on in their heads before they can be turned on in their bodies.

3. “The Head Push” 1×8

I watched this episode and couldn’t stop shouting, “Yes!” at my TV as these characters explain one of the most common, yet rarely discussed, movements of sexual assault. Often thought of as an innocent gesture, this simple (and aggravating) act is a precursor to coerced sexual contact.

While these are MY favorite episodes, they wouldn’t amount to anything without the rest of the season! Watch a TEASER CLIP here before you binge Big Mouth on Netflix (out now). Then tweet at me YOUR favorite episodes at @yaeltygiel

— Yael Tygiel