SPECIAL: 5 Reasons Why 'Dark Matter' Matters

With SYFY’s recent decision to cancel one of it’s Friday night staples, Dark Matter, I’ve had some time to think about why this show is so good, and even more important to the TV landscape. While the fans continue to campaign to find the show a new home that will give viewers the answers we’ve been waiting on for THREE SEASONS, I’ve compiled just a few reasons why Dark Matter matters:

Seamless Inclusivity

The big movie studios struggle with placing an Asian actor in an Asian role, Dark Matter’s cast is incredibly diverse with women, people of color, and LGBT characters standing in the forefront. Not because they’re trying to make a statement, but because the people behind the show understand that talent is talent.

Science Fiction at it’s best!

What do you think of when you hear Science Fiction? Is it Robots? Aliens? Futuristic Tech & Gadgets? Androids? Space Ships in Outer Space? Time Travel? Sex Bots? Wil Wheaton?

Dark Matter has all of that. And more.

Love is Love

In a real political climate where families are being challenged, and love is being questioned, we’ve never needed a story rooted in love and family more than we do now. Sci-Fi has generally been progressive in views of family and love, but Dark Matter takes it a step further. Over 3 seasons we’ve seen our characters find a family in strangers and come to terms with deaths of loved ones, but we’ve also started on journeys to finding living relatives, and finding the consciousness of a previously (thought-to-be-diseased loved one in an android body. We need the final 2 seasons to see how all that plays out!

Deep and complicated villains

They always say a good villain believes they’re doing things for the right reasons. This sentiment is at the heart of all the villains in Dark Matter. It’s actually quite difficult to place who the “villains” are since they all make their moves from a genuine and authentic place.

A great looking cast!

Like most shows on TV (especially if you watch The CW or Freeform) the cast is SUPER good looking. (these are just TWO people from the cast over the last 3 seasons…)

Bonus: Boobs!!!

(actual gif from Dark Matter)

What do YOU think? What are YOUR reasons for loving Dark Matter? Let me know on Twitter @yaeltygiel

— Yael Tygiel