REVIEW: Orphan Black – Series Finale – Season 5 Episode 10 "To Right the Wrongs of Many"

One of the things I love about Canadian television – specifically Canadian Science Fiction – is that the stories they tell feel like the ending was already decided before the show started. Meaning, you don’t end up in season 6 of Lost and no one has actually decided how to explain all the mysteries that have been thrown at the audience.

When Orphan Black began, 5 seasons ago, I was not a fan. Upon first viewing, I did not enjoy the pilot episode. After a few weeks, and growing praise from critics, I sat down to binge season 1. I was hooked. By season 2, I was watching the series, on the edge of my seat, week-to-week. Now in the final season, I felt like Orphan Black has lost it’s way. I began to wonder if the writers might have been taking advice from JJ Abram’s crew – just adding layers of mystery without considering any logistical ramifications.

But now, after watching the series finale, season 5 episode 10 “To Right the Wrongs of Many”. After saying goodbye to Sarah, Allison, Casima, and Helena, I see that there was a plan all along. This season spent a lot of time tying up all the loose ends, relating season 1 storylines to season 5 storylines, and making sure that nearly all questions were answered. Yet, I find myself having two complaints (luckily, only two):

Kira’s psychic abilities.

This minor, yet potentially important, plot point was overlooked even when touched upon. During the final season, Kira agrees to be tested on in hopes of discovering WHY and HOW she can feel her aunts. Alas, this never gets thoroughly answered.

Cal never returned.

Kira’s father, Sarah’s hot ex, protector of Khaleesi. Actor Michiel Huisman was introduced in season 2 and quickly disappeared (he was in a total of 6 episodes, according to IMDb) to replace the original Daario on Game of Thrones. I can accept that his storyline may not have been vital, though it would’ve been nice to at least mention him as we wrap things up and see everyone all together at the baby shower.

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