REVIEW: Wonder Woman!

I’ll keep this short because my thoughts on Wonder Woman have probably already been expressed, and more eloquently, by a proper film critic.

Things I loved about Wonder Woman:

– Diana’s origins and background were properly explained and didn’t feel forced or misplaced in the already established DC universe.

– Watching a whole bunch of strong Amazons kick each other’s asses was awesome! I definitely appreciated seeing them not go easy on each other, really reminding audiences that these women are completely self-sufficient.

– Etta. Everything about her.

– The innocence, naivety, and inquisitive nature of Diana as she explored our world. Her constant drive to ask questions and walk straight into danger or what she thinks is right felt so perfect for her character. It’s clear that she’s never seen what’s beyond her shores, so her inability to stand still and uninformed was brilliantly portrayed.

– And something that made me giggle: Gal Gadot has an accent; Connie Neilson has an accent; Thus the rest of the island must have vague accents.

Were there a few things in the movie that I felt were obvious? Yes.

Was Wonder Woman funny, action-packed and full of heart? Yes.

Check out the trailer below and then hit the theaters because so far you’re the only person who hasn’t seen it yet.

— Yael Tygiel