REVIEW: Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol 2 – Spoiler Free Review & Official Trailer

I really really enjoyed watching #GOTGvol2! Check out my thoughts, then watch the trailer below. And don’t forget to hit the theaters on May 5th for Guardians of the Galaxy, vol 2!

Having seen the movie in 2D, I can only imagine that some parts would’ve been super cool in 3D, especially the opening fight sequence and the big epic climactic fight sequence. There are other parts that would’ve also been beautiful in 3D (this is an assumption), but telling you about them would be spoilery. That said, I suggest 3D if you have the option.

This volume was definitely full of heart. Like a lot of emotion. And a lot of character growth and feeling exploration. Like, noticeably more heart than action.

Luckily, the action sequences were AWESOME, so it all the heart didn’t detract from the fights and explosions and humor.

Speaking of humor: I would say that the comedic balance of this movie was at the same level of the first movie, which is an enormous achievement as most sequels usually fail miserably to reach the same comedic tone without overdoing it. And the music!! It’s like I forgot how brilliant the first soundtrack was, because I was somehow surprised again at how great the musical selection was in volume 2.

Before I wrap up my thoughts I’ll mention that there are in fact 5 “post-credit” scenes. So do not get up and leave until you’re 100% sure it’s over.

Finally, I must say that Baby Groot is as adorable as you want him to be. So adorable it makes your heart want to explode.

— Yael Tygiel