FIRST LOOK: Chicago Justice on NBC – TCA 2017

The latest addition to the #OneChicago universe is Dick Wolf’s Chicago Justice starring Philip Winchester, Monica Barbaro (from UnREAL season 2), and Carl Weathers.

Winchester, who is best recognized from Strike Back and the short-lived NBC series, The Player, was worried when he first met Dick Wolf, telling him, “I jump out of helicopters and punch people in the face, I’m not sure if I’m your guy”.

Once Winchester signed on to play Peter Stone, he admits “One of the many great things about this show is it’s law… it’s not black & white, it’s grey”, Barbaro said that one of the aspects of the show that really excites her was seeing how technology plays into the storylines.

EP Michael Chernuchin explains that Peter Stone is actually the son of Original Law & Order character Ben Stone (played by Michael Moriarty), and that guest appearances from original L&O is absolutely possible. Additionally, Chernuchin says that almost every show has someone from PD, Med, or Fire – continuing to unite the Chicago universe.

The first episode launches on March 1st as part of a three hour block of Chicago television, where “the last hour is pure Justice”, says Dick Wolf. He goes on, these episodes are a “great story that will keep people sitting there for three hours…building towards a great courtroom conclusion”.

Check out the trailer below, and then sit down for all One Chicago on March 1, 2017.