REVIEW: Sing – Movie Review & Official Trailer

Universal’s latest animated hit seems to be inspired by American Idol, America’s Got Talent, and The Voice. Sing (out now) stars Matthew McConaughey as a music-loving Texas-accented Koala who needs to restore his “Moon Theater” to it’s former glory and save it from bankruptcy. To do so, he decides to put on a singing competition and compiles a diverse – in species and singing style – group. The cast is full of familiar voices, as well as some new ones, including Reece Witherspoon, Seth MacFarlane, and Scarlett Johansson.

From the over-worked and under-appreciated mother, Rosita, to the young Johnny who doesn’t want to go into the family business, the singing-hopefuls have a variety of backgrounds and fantastic musical performances. Sing’s fun (albeit cookie-cutter) story takes place in a really colorful world – at times I felt like Sing took place in just another city in the Zootopia universe. But really, where exactly does this take place? And how is this “geographically accurate version of Los Angeles” maintain harmony among the animals?

Even with the catchy songs (there was a lot of Taylor Swift and Katy Perry), Sing I’m bothered by a handful of questions, such as Why are the koalas American and the gorillas British?

And I’m not the only one! Sophie Gilbert of The Atlantic asks, “Why have a sheep sing a Seal song? Why is Mike a mouse, given that his oeuvre is so exclusively Rat Pack numbers? How come instruments are scaled to fit the differently sized animals but microphones are one-size-fits-all?”

Putting these questions aside, this family fun movie is sure to get you moving! My last thought is about the marketing – this movie was promoted as being from the people behind Despicable Me and Secret Life of Pets. Although all these movies are under the Illumination title, the writing of Sing is clearly not that of the geniuses behind those other films, and should not be claimed as such.

Watch the trailer for Sing (below) and then hit the theaters because Sing is now playing.