FIRST LOOK: Humans – Season 2 Returns to AMC in February

British series, Humans, returns to AMC with an 8-episode second season this February.

The series, airing on Channel 4 in the UK, was picked up last season by AMC (home of Mad Men and Breaking Bad) and will return taking place “a few months after the events of Year 1,” according to Deadline.

Humans, set in a parallel world where the line between humans and machines (robots) gets blurry, stars Will Tudor, Pixie Davies, Lucy Carless, Theo Stephenson, Neil Maskell and Ruth Bradley. Actors Carrie-Anne Moss, Sam Palladino, Marshall Allman, Sonya Cassidy, Bella Dayne and Letitia Wright are said to also appear this season.

Watch the trailer below, and catch Humans season 2 when it returns February 2017.