FIRST LOOK: Straight/Curve – A Documentary, coming Spring 2017

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The upcoming doc follows influencers diversifying the global fashion industry and redefining society’s beauty standards, including Philomena Kwao and Iskra Lawrence, as well as brands like Lane Bryant and Eloquii.

Straight/Curve is made by documentary maker and journalist Jenny McQuaile, model Jessica Lewis, and Yael Melamede, co-founder of SALTY Features – an independent production company based in NYC whose goal is to create media that is provocative, entertaining and enhances the world. Watch the trailer here

Synopsis (via Straight/Curve)
Straight/Curve examines the current trends around female body image and showcases the pioneering women, and men, fighting to redefine society’s unrealistic standards of beauty.
In the midst of this diversity revolution, Straight/Curve poses the critical question: what is standing in the way of more diverse and inclusive body sizes in fashion and the media?
The film explores controversial issues and common myths around health, fitness and fashion mores. By uncovering common misconceptions, and providing alternatives to measuring and discussing size and health, Straight/Curve hopes to entertain, inform and bolster a growing movement that demands a healthier and more realistic body image for women and girls.

What is their goal? (via Straight/Curve)
We will create the images we want to see in the fashion industry and the media and plan to show that women of all sizes, ages and ethnicities are beautiful. We will find out what is standing in the way of a more size diverse and inclusive fashion industry and media.