SPECIAL: Yael visits The cast of Killjoys – EXCLUSIVE Interview in Toronto with Thom Allison (Pree), Sean Baek (Fancy Lee), and Tamsen McDonough (Lucy)

While in New York for New York ComicCon 2015, I decided to pop over the border and visit the cast of Killjoys (I mean, why not?!!). I met with Tamsen McDonough (Lucy), Thom Allison (Pree), and Sean Baek (Fancy Lee) for dinner and we began gushing about how brilliant the show was in season one. Check it out!

Straight up information about Season 1:

– At FanExpo in Toronto, creator Michelle Lovretta informed Tamsen that originally Lucy was supposed to be matronly and maternal. (possible theory: once the Killjoys team saw Tamsen’s brilliant snark on Lost Girl – 4×1 “In Memoriam” – they decided to take Lucy in a different direction)

– Aaron Ashmore (Johnny Jaqobis) performed all his dialogue with Lucy before anyone was even cast in the role. (Pretty sure he was led to believe that the voice he was speaking with was, in fact, maternal)

– Tamsen got to record her lines after the VFX were mostly done, so she watched nearly complete episodes. She says that if Lucy comes off as a bit flirty it was because, well… just look at Aaron (Agreed!)

– There was a lot of amazing dialogue in episode 6 – One Blood – that was eventually modified during filming, as well as cut from the episode due to time-constraint (Personally, I hope whatever wasn’t aired will be available on the DVD)

– Tamsen, Sean, Aaron, as well as Sarah Powers (who plays Pawter Simms) have all appeared on Lost Girl, which was also created by Michelle Lovretta

– Speaking of the people behind Killjoys!!! Thom, Tamsen, and Sean agree that they have full trust in Michelle and her team (We actually then went on an hour long tangent praising Michelle for her creativity, leadership, and innate inclusion of diversity)

– Thom may or may not be jealous of Pree’s wardrobe, but one thing is for sure: Thom names Pree’s clothing!

– Thom spoke about the delicious mood lighting in The Royale (his bar), saying it was cinematic and fit for the big screen.

– Thom also compliments his exquisite make up, but his only concern was the audience of a small screen might not see the intricate details.

– Sean and Thom knew each other before Killjoys, but haven’t gotten to work together on the show. In episode 6 – One Blood – Pree is not really in the scenes with Fancy Lee.

– Sean had a lot of trouble filming his final scenes this season because he doesn’t like sharp objects coming at his face (which is completely understandable). Also, he is (understandably) not a fan of keeping his eyes open, without blinking, for long periods of time.

– At this time, the cast has no information about the possibility of Lucy becoming humanoid (though, I still stand by my android theory!!)

All about Season 2!! (as of Oct 8th 2015)

In case you missed it: Season 2 is a go!

Production has not yet begun (Seriously, I was hoping to see sets)

I believe (based on zero actual information) that everyone who isn’t dead will return likely return for the 2nd season

Additioanlly, I want to see Pree open a new bar on Lucy in season 2, but I think we can all agreed that all that snark in one place might form a black hole.