The Anglo-File: Honky-Tonk Tom

Tom Hiddleston crooned some music fans at the Wheatland Music Festival in Michigan yesterday with a surprise appearance playing the Hank Williams’ Song “Move it on Over” while playing along on guitar. It is known that Tom is currently working on a bio-pic of the tragic country crooner, and apparently was either doing some very early press or was testing out his musical twang. One fan caught a taste of it on camera:


It has been mentioned by the Williams family that native southerner and academy-award winning actor Matthew McConaughey was desired for the role, but it was eventually given to the tall-lanky Englishman. Will Tom be able to pull off the country crooner? Tom does some pretty great impressions and he’s been working with the vocal coach to achieve the right tamber. I Saw the Light is scheduled to be released in 2015.

God save the Queen.

R. Lee