The Anglo-file: Ben-Hur-ddleston?

Breaking news Hiddlestoners! Our beloved Tom is being “wooed” for the re-adaptation of the Academy Award-winning film Ben-Hur. Might we get the possibility of seeing this Shakespearean-proved actor sink his chomps into the character made famous by the late-great Charlton Heston? We know Tom can be the brooding, revenge-seeking type thanks to his days as Loki, and he has the physicality for some horse racing as seen in Steven Spielberg’s War Horse. I would also love to feast my eyes on some awesome shirtless rowing scenes.

Not my best photoshop, but it’ll have to do for a quick render of what may or may not be in store. Le-sigh.
He is a very busy man, and highly desired in the film industry. Only time will tell what great adventures he’ll be up to next.

Stay tuned, my friends.

God save the Queen.
R. Lee