FIRST LOOK: Neither And Both – A Short Film by Scott Leger and Renee Sweet – Advanced Preview

FIRST LOOK: Neither And Both – A Short Film by Scott Leger and Renee Sweet – Advanced Review

By Yael

Neither And Both: A Short Film by Scott Leger and Renee Sweet tells the story of Rachel Hunter, “
A conniving young woman – part private investigator, part call girl – hired by a businesswoman to sabotage the marriage of her CEO.” 
Photo Courtesy of Neither And Both

If you enjoy films with strong female leads, who can kick-ass and stay sexy, then ‘Neither And Both’ is for you! Ladies, we all know that sometimes we must use our wit and intellect to get things done, while others, a smile is all you need.  Rachel, played by Hannah Marie Hines, is smart, ambitious, and well versed in manipulation. She knows to use all her tricks, not just her body or mind, to get what she needs. 

Photo Courtesy of Neither And Both
Jason Crowl –
Rachel Hunter has a unique job: she exposes men’s affairs, follows suspected adulterers, and in her own words, “provides leverage to those willing to pay for it.” 
When Rachel graduates from simple seduction to corporate sabotage, she jumps into a larger arena: one with better pay, larger stakes, and increased danger. As she soon learns, the greatest threat of all could be her own weaknesses. 
This film is still in the funding phase; to find out more and see how YOU can help, check out the Neither And Both Kickstarter page now! 

About Writer/Director Scott Leger:
Scott is a writer/director from Denver, CO who became passionate about movies from an early age, watching the original Star Wars over and over again when he probably should have been out socializing with other children. Scott earned a B.F.A. in Filmmaking from the University of Colorado at Boulder, but learned more about storytelling in a single post-grad conversation with Community showrunner Dan Harmon. Scott is currently a screenwriter’s assistant in Los Angeles and knows exactly what he would say to David Fincher if he ever got the chance.

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