REVIEW: True Blood – Season 6 Episode 10 – Radioactive – Season 6 Finale – Episode Recap & Review

REVIEW: True Blood – Season 6 Episode 13 ‘Radioactive’ – Season 6 Finale – Episode Recap & Review

By Yael

It’s the final episode of this season of True Blood, and if you haven’t seen Radioactive yet then read no further and consider this your official SPOILER ALERT! 
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Before delving into the season finale, can we talk about Alcide’s hair and beard in the beginning of the episode??? Seriously, what the fuck was going on there?
And now, onto ‘Radioactive’ – The episode begins with a daylight vampire orgy made up of the daywalking vampires who were recently freed from captivity. After a quick reunion with Jason, Sookie returns to Warlow on the fairy plane and informs him that she does not intend to keep her promise of marriage. Slowly, Bill returns to himself and feels guilt over her trade with Warlow. Bill, Jason, and his new Vampire friend Violet, head to Andy’s house because they need his daughter to open the portal to the fairy plane. The team of misfits free Sookie, taking her home where Bill and Warlow continue their fight. Through a portal, Grandpa Stackhouse helps Sookie and Jason end Warlow once and for all, resulting in the end of daywalking, and sadly, the end of a beautifully naked Eric who was tanning in Sweden.
Six months later, Bill has written a bestselling tell all, ‘And God Bled’, revealing his time as Billith, the murder of Governor Burrell, and the truth behind Hep V. And Sookie and Alcide are FINALLY together (and he cut his hair)!!! 

In other news, Arlene has taken over Merlotte’s Belfleaur’s and Sam is now Mayor. In order to rectify the Hep V epidemic, Mayor Sam and the local Reverends have devised a plan to keep the locals (both human and vampire) safe – each human who is clean and doesn’t carry the Hep V virus will monogamously feed a clean vampire who will in turn offer protection to their human. 
The plan seems to work perfectly (Jessica offers to protect Andy and his remaining daughter without feeding) until the final moments when a LARGE gang of infected vampires ascend on Bon Temps. 
And with that, the season ended. What did YOU think of Radioactive, the season finale of True Blood? Do you think this season was better than the last few (I do!)?? Leave your thoughts in the comments and keep an eye out HERE for previews of season 7! 

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