GBK Grammy 2020 Gifting Lounge

In honor of music’s most prestigious night, One Love Luxury Lounge Presented by Mastercard – Produced by GBK Productions & Primary Wave Music, invited celebs from tv, movies, and music to check out some fun products in beauty, wellness, and video games.

It wouldn’t be GBK without CBD so Harborside Cannabis Shop handed out a purse size package of products including lip balm, pain relief patches, and a lighter in honor of their first Drive-Thru location in Desert Hot Springs.

PFB Vanish brought out their 2 step skin care system for brightening and correcting dark spots, including LUMEN8 – which brightens, hydrates, and evens out skin tone while visibly reducing the appearance of dark spots – and LIQUID LUFFA, an exfoliating scrub which reveals smooth and glowing skin. Guests were given full size bottles to take and try at home.

Dermafirm USA shared their advanced medical cosmetology with their exclusive serums and creams. After showing off some before and after shots, they provided guests with samples to try at home. But the greenest company in the lounge was Source Naturals with their vitamins and herbal supplements. Talent was given a full spectrum of products to take home, including CBD products for pain and sleep, and vegan options too.

The incredible OctoVie skincare brush was a surprising highlight at the event. The reusable brush is perfect for daily cleansing, exfoliating, and detoxifying your face and body. After being given an entire presentation about how this product is superior to any battery-operated-bristle-brush, guests were given a face or body brush to enjoy at home. The biggest selling point is how bath friendly this product is, not only does it float, but it’s meant to be rinsed and reused. How many traditional brushes stay intact after that fifth deep cleaning?

Aside from luxury trips to the Caribbean, the largest product in the lounge was from iiRcade. Talent was signed up to receive their very own arcade-sized machine with quality speakers that plays modern games, retro games, and even connects to wifi.

It wasn’t all beauty products Sunday Dinner Candle Co. was handing out their own unique scents in both candle and reed diffuser forms. Puff Puff Pass definitely got attention for their name, and the fresh clean scent which can be used to cover up any puffing and passing. Other scents include Peach Cobbler, Slow Jams, and Bomb Ass Nana Puddin.

The 2020 Grammy Awards air Sunday night.

— Yael Tygiel

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