SPECIAL: P!nk's "What About Us" Music Video

I don’t usually discuss music, or music videos, on YaelTV, but I needed an outlet to describe my feelings, so this is it.

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I love P!nk’s music! I think she’s always been a talented, political artist who uses her platform for the right reason and uses her medium to the best of her ability. From her early work that discussed the unrealistic expectations of her industry, to dealing with her childhood and abuse, to when she openly expressed her own battles with addiction and sobriety – the woman born Alecia Beth Moore has always had something poignant to say.

The headline that made me click to watch her latest music video was The Wrap’s “Watch Pink Get Political in ‘What About Us’ (VIDEO)” – my initial thoughts were, Pink has always been political, but after this weekend, I’ll watch her latest statement.

The video starts before the song, watching people getting their heads shaved, finding their groups, police helicopter search lights above an empty street, and the voices of news, politics,

This was my first time hearing this new song – the music is great, I enjoy the beat and melody. It’s hard for me to be negative towards an artist that I love, but Pink’s singing in this number sounds like she’s working on a musical theater show and not the current song playing underneath her beautifully strong vocals.

At the 3:10 mark, the beat drops and the dancers really take center stage… but their dancing reminds me of The OA (Netflix) and the dance the prisoners learn to travel to the after life.

Around 4:16 the beat drops again, we’re in the desert, and now, finally, the video’s message starts to come together.

Watch it for yourself below & tweet your thoughts at me, @yaeltygiel

— Yael Tygiel