SPECIAL: The Best X-Men Shows!

FX’s highly anticipated Marvel series, Legion, airs TONIGHT, and in honor of the series premiere, here are a list of the Best X-Men (or X-Men related) shows on TV – in no particular oder.

X-Men: The Animated Series

By far the best X-Men TV series to date, the 1990s animated series was groundbreaking in it’s ability to tell stories straight from the comics and in a serialized format that hadn’t been done before in children’s television. This series was my introduction to the team and inspired me to become the nerd that I am today. X-Men: The Animated Series is the reason the X-Men are my favorite superheroes of all time. I recently streamed all the episodes, so they may still be available on Hulu or Netflix.

X-Men: Evolution

Launched after the first X-Men movie in 2000, X-Men: Evolution took us back to the Xavier Institute, but saw our students attending High School with the brotherhood, as well as humans. The short-lived series was fun and introduced often overlooked or forgotten X-Men characters, such as Boom Boom, Magma, and Sunspot.

I recently streamed all the episodes, so they may still be available on Hulu or Netflix.

Mutant X

This live-action Canadian production followed Adam Kane (played by John Shea) and the Mutant X, a team of “New Mutants” who got their powers from Kane as a result of genetic engineering. Although the series attempted to distance itself of the X-Men properties, there were a few lawsuits which led to the abrupt cancellation in 2004.

I’d be interested to binge the entire series, but I’m not sure where to find them. Tweet at me if you know where they’re streaming.

While doing research I discovered “The Pryde of the X-Men”, an animated 1989 series pilot that aired more than once, and was later released on video, but the rest of the series never fully launched.

Not on the list, but couldn’t go unmentioned, is the upcoming, Untitled FOX X-Men series from Bryan Singer. Plus, I couldn’t talk X-Men without reminding audiences that LOGAN is hitting theaters on March 3rd!

And I couldn’t complete this list without mentioning “Wolverine And the X-Men”, which although I’ve never seen, I hear great things about.

What’s YOUR favorite X-Men show? Did it make the list? Tweet @yaeltygiel with your thoughts and catch Legion TONIGHT on FX.