SPECIAL: 9 Great Magical TV Shows!

In honor of last night’s return of Syfy’s The Magicians, yael.tv compiled a list of 9 Great Magical Shows on TV (in no particular order). While there are many wonderful Fantasy shows on TV, this list is limited to shows that feature magic (witches, spells, and the craft).

Check it out and let me know what show YOU think is missing from this weird and wacky list!


A show about three (and then a fourth who replaces one of them) sisters practicing witchcraft in San Francisco? It’s not doubt this hit Aaron Spelling series made the list!!

Charmed lasted 8 seasons and still airs reruns daily on TNT. In fact, this show is so beloved it’s rumored to be rebooted in the next year or two (as a prequel set in the 70s, of course). The real question is: which Halliwell sister was the best?

Sabrina, the Teenage Witch

Sabrina is a show that meant the world to me growing up! Launched as part of the TGIF line-up on ABC, the series ran for 7 seasons after it’s unofficial pilot tv-movie (which aired on Showtime for some reason and co-starred Ryan Reynolds – yes that Ryan Reynolds!!!) flopped. The story followed a teenage witch as she learned to use her powers and continued through her college years as she decided to become a journalist. Sabrina somehow managed to land a TON of guest stars and musicians – including Britney, Backstreet, NSync, and many more!

The entire series is available to stream on Hulu… and I have. repeatedly.


The Librarians

Following the 3 made-for-tv-movies starring Noah Wyle, The Librarians just wrapped it’s 3rd season this week and is already picked up for a 4th! Noah Wyle returned to usher in a new crew – featuring a gorgeous cast of Rebecca Romijn, Christian Kane, and Lindy Booth, plus new-comer (and Aussie) John Kim. The Librarians is pretty much a modern team of Indiana Joneses.


Although currently wrapping up it’s 6th and final season, Grimm‘s popularity only grew as the show went on! This Portland-set procedural finds a way to mix mythological monsters-of-the-week with goofy adventures and ridiculous witchcraft. Get ready to watch the sometimes unnecessary (but greatly appreciated) shirtless men, and learn a whole bunch of made up German words. If you missed any of it, Grimm reruns air on TNT.

Once Upon A Time

OUAT was a breakout hit when it launched in 2011 – the same year as Grimm – but the ratings and fanfare has only slipped since season 1. Fairytale characters come to life in this family friendly drama and intertwine in ways you probably never thought of – Rumplestiltskin seems to be Capt Hook’s crocodile, Cinderalla’s godmother, and Beauty’s beast. A main reason OUAT will stay on this list is due to it’s reminder that “Magic always comes at a price”, a phrase that crossed over into nearly all modern magic shows.

Lost Girl

This short-lived Canadian darling makes the list because of it’s beautiful portrayal of love. Lost Girl is follows Bo, a hot and kickass Succubus (a creature that feeds on sexual energy), as she navigates the magical world of light and dark. She’s does who and what she pleases, fights for what’s right – regardless of alignment – and protects her family and friends. After 5 seasons and 77 episodes, the ‘ship wars on this series were fierce, and the argument on who Bo is meant to be with lives on forever even if the show didn’t.

Wizards of Waverly Place

While Wizards of Waverly Place was meant as a tween series, and was very Disney channel, it was a suitable place holder for Harry Potter while waiting for new movies to be released. Selina Gomez was launched into stardom as Alex, the middle child who was not only always getting into trouble, but was also clearly her parent’s favorite (even with her Hermoine-like older brother around, played by David Henrie).

The Magic School Bus

How do you have a list of magical shows and not mention The Magic School Bus?! The educational and incredibly amusing series inspired by the books of the same name, featured Lily Tomlin as the voice of Ms Frizzle – the teacher and star of the show – and a theme song performed by Little Richard! The show was not only an Emmy winner in 1996, but is set to return on Netflix this year.

The Magicians

This Syfy series, based on the novel by Lev Grossman, is surprisingly adult for a series about a magic school, well, I guess it is a magical Grad School! Quickly becoming a favorite of mine, The Magicians kind of asks, “what if Hogwarts turned out to be real?” Our lead, Quinton, a bookworm and lover of “The Fillory Series”, discovers the books he grew up with happen to be more historical than fantasy. Studying magic and fighting evil are now part of his reality, while maneuvering through romance, friendships, and nerdy sci-fi references. Don’t miss new episodes Wednesdays on Syfy.

What show do YOU think is the best magical show on TV? Should Game of Thrones been included on this list? Let me know your thoughts on twitter: @yaeltygiel