SPECIALS: Cosplay Tutorial – Vanellope Von Schweetz from Wreck It Ralph – DIY Adult Vanellope (The Glitch) Costume 2014 – by Yael Tygiel

SPECIALS: Cosplay Tutorial – Vanellope Von Schweetz from Wreck It Ralph – DIY Adult Vanellope (The Glitch) Costume 2014 – by Yael Tygiel

By Yael

You may not know this, but I absolutely LOVE to dress up in costumes. I love it so much, I’ll find a way to dress up for any theme to any event… even when the event doesn’t have a theme. In the past, I had help from amazing fashion designer friends to create my awesome costumes (see my TARDIS and Max, from 2 Broke Girls), but recently, I found myself forced to make my own costume all by myself.  

When I decided I wanted to be Vanellope from Wreck It Ralph, I knew that the costume wasn’t too hard and might not involve any sewing if I could find all the right pieces. I searched all over the Google and pinned many inspirations and tutorials (my cosplay pinterest board can be viewed here).

There were 2 main parts to this cosplay: the “candy” hair pieces and the clothing.

The “Candy” Hair Pieces

We all have those single earrings lying around, because we either lost or broke one of the pair. Feeling inspired, I used one that happened to be 3 stars and candy colored them with nail polish. 

I also had some old Hello Kitty charms (I actually don’t know where these charms came from) that looked like candy. Lastly, I dug around my stash of broken jewelry and found other candy like objects. Using a hot glue gun, I attached the “candy” to bobby pins.

The Clothing

I went to Target, Kohls, Sears, JC Pennys, etc for: 
1) a teal/mint sweatshirt that had both a hood and a pocket – I ended up finding a sweatshirt that I liked, but it had no hood (this is important for later) 
2) a pair of white leggings, 
3) a brown (ish in my case) skirt. 

I also hit the local dollar store for pink laces, painters’ tape, and paint brushes. My last stop was a Michaels Craft store for teal clothing dye and purple fabric markers.

I originally intended on taping down the leggings and using spray dye (but my local Michaels was out of teal) or painting on the dye with a brush. When I got to the taping part, my tape wouldn’t stay put on the fabric. So I opted for the Tie-Dye route and used rubber bands. 

The important thing about Vanellope’s leggings are that one leg has three white diagonal stripes, and the other has two thicker chunks with a purple stripe in the middle of the white stripe. 

The dye was very teal and I didn’t want such a dark color, so I dipped my fabric in a few times and then rinsed and hung to dry. I also dyed a t-shirt that I had lying around because, well, I had a lot of dye and didn’t want to waist it. I mean, who couldn’t use a nice teal/sea-foam t-shirt, right? 

After the dye had dried, I drew on the purple stripes using fabric markers. 

Then I looked at my beautiful costume and decided that a hood was necessary. Luckily, I’d dyed that t-shirt! I watched a hood making tutorial video and, using the t-shirt, I added the hood to my sweatshirt. 

Since my hood was a t-shirt, I used the hem to string the pink lace through before finally sewing on the pink “pocket stitches.” 

And that’s it! I hope this was helpful 🙂 

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