REVIEW: ABC Family’s Switched At Birth – Season 2 Episode 20 – The Merrymakers – Episode Recap & Review

REVIEW: ABC Family’s Switched At Birth – Season 2 Episode 20 – The Merrymakers – Episode Recap & Review

By Yael

The Switched At Birth wedding is almost here, so the bride and groom attend their bachelor/bachelorette parties. If you haven’t seen The Merrymakers yet, then read no further and consider this your official SPOILER ALERT!
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Planning for the upcoming nuptials continue, but when Katherine questions Nikki’s mom’s (guest star Joey Lauren Adams) intentions the truth about Nikki’s drug-dealing father is revealed. Everyone ends up disappointed when they realize that the wedding is still happening.

Meanwhile, Toby’s best man Wilke is no longer invited when he admits that he doesn’t support the young couple, so Emmett replaces him until he too admits that he doesn’t support the wedding. On the way to his bachelor party, Toby receives a call from his ex Simone (you know, the one who slept with Emmett when he was still with Bay) who informs him that she has Chlamydia and should get tested… as should Emmett. They stop at a clinic instead of heading to the bar where Travis is entertaining the stripper. 

A few blocks away, Bay & Daphne reluctantly throw a bachelorette party for Nikki with Mary Beth. After a few drinks (I’m still baffled as to how they procured them) they play “Dare or Dare.” Mary Beth’s dare is to get kissed, and she lets slip that she and Travis haven’t kissed yet. So Bay drags her down the street to get kissed by Travis – shock! They catch him dancing with the stripper and Mary Beth runs off. 

Also, Ty is heading back to Afghanistan and Bay asks her Senator father to pull some strings. When John asks Ty what he wants, Ty confesses that he can’t let his unit down. John understands and lies to Bay, telling her that he did everything he could.  

At the bachelorette party, Nikki & Daphne prepare to be sisters by telling secrets. Daphne stupidly tells Ms. Morals (Nikki) about blackmailing Coto which leads drunk Nikki to leaving him an angry voicemail.  Nikki receives a deserving scolding from Daphne and then they head over to Cotos office to break in and erase the voicemail – No surprise, Coto sees the entire thing later via security footage. 

On the Angelo’s baby front, his daughter Abby is finally returned to him and he enlists Regina’s help in raising her, only to be lectured on how this isn’t her baby and she’s not trying to turn back time. 

The episode of course ends on a happier note, including Emmett offering to be Toby’s best man and Travis finding Mary Beth’s brother’s dog tags. Finally, she pulls him in for a kiss.

Next week the drama continues with the wedding we’ve all been hoping will be called off, so don’t miss the season finale, Departure of Summer, on Monday August 19th at 8pm on ABC Family.

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