INTERVIEW: Femme Fatales on Cinemax – From San Diego Comic Con – Mark A. Altman, Madison Dylan, and Nikki Griffin Discuss Femme Fatales

For those who don’t already know, Cinemax – the network commonly referred to as “Skin-emax” – has begun producing original content that is NOT strictly adult in nature. In fact hit series Femme Fatales has just concluded a second season on Cinemax and the complete second season DVD is available now. While at San Diego Comic Con, I got a chance to sit down with Mark A. Altman, one of the men behind the series, as well as some of the show’s sexy stars, Madison Dylan (who plays Alexis on Femme Fatales) and Nikki Griffin (who played Nicole Ryan in the episode Family Business), to discuss the series.

Explain “Femme Fatale”
Most people think of a Black Widow, or someone who is inherently evil, when they hear the term Femme Fatale, but the series tries to explain how an innocent with benevolent motives can become an unintentional Femme Fatale.

Let’s talk about the format of the show

It’s an anthology series. Each episode tells a different story in the format of a different genre – including Sci-fi, Fantasy, and Horror (thus the visit to Comic Con). It’s the only show of it’s kind on TV – although American Horror Story comes close with separate seasonal arches.

Season 2 was just released on DVD – what can fans expect from the DVD?
The Femme Fatales team recorded the audio commentary for the entire season in one sitting, and the DVD is filled with bonus features including previous unaired scenes. It was really important to Altman that the DVD be abundantly worth it for the fans.

Season 3 and Beyond
Altman could not confirm a third season, but hinted that it was likely as the show has a large European following. Also, this expansion of the Femme Fatales brand (which began as a magazine) is only getting bigger. The team behind the series is planning on producing a movie – regardless of a third season pickup.

The complete second season of Cinemax’s Femme Fatales on DVD is available now!