INTERVIEW: General Hospital’s Haley Pullos – Haley Dishes on General Hospital, the 50th Anniversary, & her Hollywood Crush!

INTERVIEW: General Hospital’s Haley Pullos – Haley Dishes on General Hospital, the 50th Anniversary, & her Hollywood Crush! 
Photo Credit: Benny Haddad

By Yael recently got a chance to chat with Haley Pullos from ABC’s General Hospital. Haley dished on everything from her GH character Molly Lansing Davis, to celebrating the 50th Anniversary, to her personal TV watching habits! Get the scoop now, and don’t miss General Hospital’s 50th year, weekdays on ABC. Let’s start with the basics, who is Molly?

Haley Pullos: Molly is a little bit of a nerd because she is super into school work… but honestly, so am I. So that makes me a nerd too. And she’s just a really loving person and she cares so much about other people. Did you watch Soap Operas before you were cast on the show?

HP: I didn’t. But I’m hooked on GH now… I watch pretty much everyday. My parent’s watch everyday. They’re addicted. A lot of people aren’t familiar with how Soaps are filmed. Can you explain that process a bit?

HP: We have four cameras most of the time, sometimes its more. And we really only do one take and we just get all the different shots from each of the cameras that are on set. So we don’t have to turn everything around and do it 12 different times, and that’s why Soap Operas move so fast. For those who don’t know, ABC’s General Hospital has been on the air for 50 years. Why do you think that is?

HP: I think it’s a combination of the writing and the directing, and the acting. I think everyone on the show is just so great, and I mean, it shows because it has been on for so long. You can’t be on the air for 50 years and not be a good show. How the 50th Anniversary of General Hospital was celebrated?

HP: That was actually a really cool week for us. We kinda celebrated by filming the nurses ball, and on the day of the 50th we had a huge lunch on stage with a cake and it was just, it was so fun! Soap Operas are known for their drama and romance, what’s going on in Molly’s love- life? 

HP: Molly has a couple of boys in her life. She was dating TJ, and then Rafe came along and kind of stirred things up. But she hasn’t admitted to having any feelings for Rafe, yet. So, it’s pretty dramatic. That’s kind of a hard place to be in. Is there a lot of drama behind-the-scenes?

HP: There’s a little bit of a prank war going on between the kids. But that’s pretty much as dramatic as it gets. If you could pick your next on-sceen love interest, who would you pick?

HP: [laughs] I think it’d be really fun if I had a love interest – or love storyline – with the actor Nicholas Hoult. Because I really really like him. You said that you’re kind of hooked on GH, but what other shows are you into right now? 

HP: Right now I’m watching Skins, the UK version… And I’m also super obsessed with Pretty Little Liars… I’ve always wanted to be on that show, because I just really like it. I think it’s so good, and it’s so dramatic and mysterious and, I think it’d be a really good experience. Lastly, do you have any advice for aspiring actors? 

HP: You have to follow your dreams. If it’s something that you want to do, then you gotta go for it. Don’t let anything stand in your way.

Don’t miss new episodes of General Hospital, weekdays on ABC. 

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