THOUGHTS: TV Impressions – Fall TV 2013 – My Initial Reactions to the 2013 Fall Shows on CBS

THOUGHTS: TV Impressions – Fall TV 2013 – My Initial Reactions to the 2013 Fall Shows on CBS

By Yael
Every year the TV networks announce Fall TV Lineup. Here are my takes on four new shows coming to CBS in the 2013-2014 season! 

The Crazy Ones – Comedy

Robin Williams & Sarah Michelle Gellar team up for this family and workplace comedy about an eccentric Ad-man and his type-A daughter.

Photo Propert of CBS
Yael’s Take: Although this comedy stars two huge hollywood names, I doubt The Crazy Ones will last even 13 episodes. The premise reminds me of NBC’s Just Shoot Me! with an attempt at a Mad Men twist. Sadly, I think the only benefit to this series will be seeing Robin Williams returning to TV. 

Mom – Comedy 
Anna Faris stars in Chuck Lorre’s new CBS creation as a newly sober mother of two with her critical mother, played by Allison Janney.
Photo Propert of CBS

Yael’s Take: Another family comedy I was incredibly skeptical of, but after considering the creator (Chuck Lorre is responsible for The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men) I decided to give this show a chance. The trailer shows a surprisingly hilarious mother-daughter relationship that isn’t often seen on network television – let alone as a comedy. 

Hostages – Drama

Toni Collette stars as a surgeon whose family is taken hostage. Why? Because she is set to operate on the US President and they want her to kill him. This suspenseful limited-series drama comes to CBS from Jerry Bruckheimer. 

Photo Propert of CBS

Yael’s Take: The brilliance of actress Toni Collette meets action packed mystery thriller creator Jerry Bruckheimer in a sure to be fascinating “limited-series” event. From the trailer I can already see that there’s much more to this story than the audience knows – why do the kidnappers want the President dead? And is there more to this surgeon’s family than what we see?

Those are just my thoughts on three of the new shows coming to CBS next year. Do you disagree with my take??? Check out the complete list below & let me know which shows YOU are looking forward to???

We Are Men – Comedy

The Millers – Comedy

Intelligence – Drama 

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