SPECIALS: Doctor Who – Season 7 Episode 14 "The Name of the Doctor" – A Thank You Letter to the BBC & Fellow Doctor Who Fans and Whovians

A Thank You Letter to the BBC & Fellow Doctor Who Fans and Whovians – Doctor Who – 7×14 – The Name of the Doctor
By Yael

If you haven’t yet seen ‘The Name of the Doctor’ then read no further and consider this your official SPOILER ALERT! 

In an unusual fashion, I’m not going to summarize the plot of this episode of Doctor Who – nor am I going to “review” it in a traditional sense. Rather, as a Whovian, I want to express the emotions (or “feels”) that occurred within my during my viewing of ‘The Name of the Doctor’  – please bear with me. 

During the opening Monologue of Ms. Clara Oslwald I literally squealed at the sound of her saying ‘I don’t know where I am’ – those were the most important words said in ‘The Bells of Saint John’ – the premiere episode of the second half of this season. 

The title of this episode caused a lot of flurry among fans regarding whether the Doctor’s name would actually be revealed, whether it would be a disappointing reveal, and what it would have to do with Clara and the mystery of ‘the impossible girl.’ Many fans, myself included, did not want to know the name of the Doctor and felt that Moffat did not have the right to name the Doctor. So in my opinion, the lack of name reveal was a  smart and strategic move  (albeit a slightly disappointing one).

I must really applaud the BBC, as well as anyone who received their season 7B DVDs early, for keeping a secret. I actually had wondered recently if Doctor Who could surprise fans anymore. They had openly announced the casting of Matt Smith, the departure of the Ponds, the introduction of Jenna-Louise Coleman, and the upcoming appearances of returning cast members David Tennant and Billie Piper. But today I learned that they, in fact, can! 

Additionally, the HUGE mega-superstar reveal in the last moments of the episode was a major shock! Of all the twists in this series, casting John Hurt as The Doctor is definitely astronomical. And, as a fan who follows the official Doctor Who tumblr, I was incredibly pleased to not have had this delicious plot-twist ruined by internet trolls. 

So I guess this isn’t really a review, more a Thank You to everyone who knew the secrets of this episode and kept them to themselved, allowing myself and many others to enjoy ‘The Name of the Doctor’. 

Doctor Who – Season 7 Episode 14 “The Name of the Doctor” – A Thank You Letter to the BBC & Fellow Doctor Who Fans and Whovians

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