THOUGHTS: TV Impressions – Fall TV 2013 – My Initial Reactions to the 2013 Fall Shows on FOX

THOUGHTS: TV Impressions – My Initial Reactions to the New Fall Shows – Fall 2013 on FOX & NBC

By Yael
Every year the TV networks announce Fall TV Lineup. Here are my takes on four new shows coming to FOX in the 2013-2014 season!  

Almost Human – Drama
 A futuristic action drama series starring Karl Urban & Michael Ealy, Almost Human is a sci-fi crime drama that  takes place 35 years in the futre, when police officers are partnered with highly evolved human-like androids. 
Photo Property of FOX

Yael’s Take: I love a good sci-fi show, and I’m a sucker for crime dramas, but I don’t see this iRobot-esque television program lasting the season. That being said, you know I’ll watch the pilot for sure.

Dads – Comedy
Seth Green and Giovanni Ribisi star as two entrepreneurs – and childhood best friends – whose lives are turned upside down when their fathers (Martin Mull & Peter Riegert) move in with them. This sure-to-be offensive live-action comedy comes straight from the hilariously perverted mind of Seth MacFarlane. 
Photo Property of FOX
Yael’s Take: Seth MacFarlane loves to push the envelope with his humor, and I definitely see Seth Green & Giovanni Ribisi as childhood BFFs, but the over the top fathers remind me of the canceled CBS comedy (based on the twitter account) $#*! My Dad Says. Personally, I believe in Seth MacFarlane, so I’ll give it a shot. Also, I enjoy watching former Disney star Brenda Song forcefully reminding viewers that she’s not an adult. 
Us & Them – Comedy
An American version of a UK series, Us & Them stars Jason Ritter and Alexis Bledel as a new couple who set on their path towards happiness, surrounded by their crazy families. 
Photo Property of FOX
Yael’s Take: The plot sounds a lot like Mike & Molly (minus over 200lbs) but also every romantic comedy film made since 1980. As happy as I am to see Alexis Bledel back in a leading role, I’m not lonely enough to waste my time with this train-wreck. Lastly, it’s not often that remakes of British shows succeed on this side of the pond – so keep that in mind. 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Comedy
SNL alum Andy Samberg tries his hand at a leading man role on the small screen in a “workplace comedy” about a cop and his new captain, played by the talented (and usually serious) Andre Braugher. 
Photo Property of FOX
Yael’s Take: Remember ‘Good Guys’ starring Colin Hanks? No, I didn’t think so. That’s the future of this “comedy.” As much as I love Andy Samberg – and I do. He is incredibly talented. – this show is destined to fail, just like his big screen films: Hot Rod and That’s My Boy. 

Those are just my thoughts on four of the new shows coming to FOX next year. Do you disagree with my take??? Check out the complete list below & let me know which shows YOU are looking forward to???

Photo Property of FOX
Gang Related – Drama

Photo Property of FOX
Surviving Jack – Comedy

Photo Property of FOX

Enlisted – Comedy

Photo Property of FOX

Rake – Drama

Photo Property of FOX

Sleepy Hollow – Drama

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