REVIEW: Once Upon A Time – Season 2 Episode 22 "And Straight on ‘Til Morning" – Once Upon A Time Season Finale – Episode Recap & Review

REVIEW: Once Upon A Time – Season 2 Episode 22 “And Straight on ‘Til Morning” – Once Upon A Time Season Finale – Episode Recap & Review
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By Yael

ABC’s Once Upon A Time reveals answers in the second season finale,  
“And Straight on ‘Til Morning.” If you haven’t seen the season finale of OUAT, then read no further and consider this your official SPOILER ALERT.

The residents of Storybrooke begin to panic when Tamara & Owen enact the self-destruct crystal which will kill all that were not born of this world (ie Henry would alive and alone). They all gather to use the last remaining beans as a portal home, but to buy time, Regina offers to sacrifice herself in oder to slow the crystal’s power. Always the heroes, Snow & Charming decide to use the remaining beans to instead send the crystal elsewhere, but when Hook leaves them beanless Emma & Regina join forces and stop the crystal in the most un-suspenseful few moments of the series.

Once the destruction of Storybooke is stopped, Tamara & Owen kidnap Henry and, using a bean, they transport him to another realm. Also, discovered in another realm is Neal (ie Adult Bae/ Gold’s son) – Philip, Aurora, and Mulan find his body washed up on the sand… and he’s alive! 

In the flashbacks we pick up where episode 21 left off, after the shadow dropped Bae on the pirate ship in Neverland. Once Hook realizes who this child is, he wins Bae’s trust and learns the secret to defeating the dark one (ie Gold, fka Rumplestiltskin). Bae & Hook bond over growing up fatherless, until Bae discovers that Hook is in fact the pirate that his mother abandoned him for and confronts him. Deciding not to abandon his quest for vengeance, Hook releases Bae to the Shadow & the lost boys. Sadly, this boy is not the one that the Shadow wants… the lost boys reveal that who he really wants is Henry!  

In the final moments of the episode, after Rumple restores Belle’s memories, the entire family (Snow, Charming, Emma, Regina, & Gold) board Hook’s ship (with Hook) and head to Neverland to save Henry. 

After a crazy season of big reveals (and small reveals) what did YOU think of the season finale? Was it all that you hoped for? And aside from Neverland, what other realms to you think we’ll see next season??? Leave your thoughts in the comments & check back with for more season 3 scoop! 

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