REVIEW: Glee – Season 4 Episode 22 "All or Nothing" – Glee Season Finale – Episode Recap & Review

REVIEW: Glee – Season 4 Episode 22 “All or Nothing” – Glee Season Finale – Episode Recap & Review

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By Yael

The McKinley High New Directions head to Regionals to compete against guest star Jessica Sanchez from American Idol, while Rachel sings her heart out at the Funny Girl call back. If you haven’t seen “All or Nothing”  yet then read no further and consider this your official SPOILER ALERT! 

While on her tour of MIT, Brittany is discovered to have a crazy brilliant mind and proceeds to have a major meltdown when they accept her into the program. Her erratic behavior includes demanding all solos, quiting the Cheerios, and breaking up with Sam. Desperate for help, Sam calls in Santana to figure out the mess.

Meanwhile in New York, Rachel sings a beautiful rendition of Celine Dion’s To Love You More at her final Funny Girl call back – but we wont know the result until next season, it seems. Also, left unanswered is the Klaine situation. After meeting an old lesbian couple at the jewelry store, Blaine is even more convinced that he is meant to marry Kurt – Proposal pending. 

Photo Property of FOX
At Regionals, Jessica Sanchez belts out some beautiful songs, but of course, the New Directions take first place with an original song, “All or Nothing by Marley.”  As usual, Glee misses the opportunity to rock and they sing Icona Pop’s ‘I Love It (I Don’t Care)’ – which is a song that I personally adore, but do not see ANY vocal value in using for a competition number. Additionally, All or Nothing (the song) fell flat. I expected some power-house solos (a la Rachel). In the end, there was a wedding and (thankfully) it was Emma & Will… not some lovestruck teenagers.

Sadly, I think Glee closed out the season on a low note with their musical numbers and plot lines – Yes, Catfish was revealed to be Unique. No, we’re not surprised, nor do we care – but hopefully the season 5 premiere will be HUGE to make up for it. What did YOU think of the season finale? Were all your questions answered? And do you think this was the best season yet – with the school shooting, and the blackout, and the catfishing??? Leave your thoughts in the comments & check back with for season 5 scoop! 

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