REVIEW: Scandal – Season 2 Episode 20 "A Woman Scorned" – Episode Recap & Review

REVIEW: Scandal – Season 2 Episode 20 “A Woman Scorned” – Episode Recap & Review

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By Yael

ABC’s Scandal is my one of favorite “thoughtless” shows. I watch for the 60 minutes of mindless entertainment. Tonight’s episode, A Woman Scorned, was no different. Mellie’s clock runs out and Olivia Pope’s people get closer to the mole. It you haven’t yet seen “A Woman Scorned” then read no further and consider this your official SPOILER ALERT.

After the attack on her life, Olivia is forcibly being chaperoned by Captain Sexy (aka Jake Ballard played by Scott Foley) at the request of his commander-in-chief. And Mellie has set a time-limit on Fitz’s privacy.
Meanwhile, Huck “shakes off the crazy” and rejoins the team in time to identify Charlie’s ear, which leads them to suspect Cyrus as the mole. Olivia reminds everyone that he’s her oldest friend, insisting it’s a mistake. Of course the episode continues and reveals that Cyrus is NOT the mole (shock. sarcasm.) 
The game of chicken ends when Mellie reveals to the American people that her husband, the president, is having an affair. Fitz spends the final 22 minutes trying to call her bluff while proving to Olivia that he wants her more than the presidency. 

So, the episode ends with no movement on the mole – aside from ruling Cyrus out. Do you have any theories on The Mole? And what do you think Mellie’s move will mean for Fitz & Olivia? Where does this leave Jake??? Leave your thoughts in the comments and don’t miss new episodes of Scandal, Thursdays on ABC.

Fun Fact: Actor Tony Goldwyn (President Fitzgerald Grant) directed this episode!  

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