REVIEW: Glee – Season 4 Episode 21 "Wonder-ful" – Episode Recap & Review

REVIEW: Glee – Season 4 Episode 21 “Wonder-ful” – Episode Recap & Review
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By Yael
After a slew of good news, Mr. Schue introduces this week’s assignment of celebrating life by singing Stevie Wonder songs (thanks for spelling it out for us Ryder). Glee club alums Mercedes, Mike Chang, and Kurt return to McKinley to assist in the lesson.  If you haven’t seen “Wonder-ful” yet, then read no further and consider this your official SPOILER ALERT! 

In preparations for Regionals next week, Mercedes educates the club on the importance of enthusiasm, passion, emotion, and using your god-given-talents (including Jake’s dance moves and natural Puckerman sexiness). 

Meanwhile in NYC, Rachel prepares for her Funny Girl callback. When Ms. Cassie July (returning guest star Kate Hudson) learns of Rachel’s good fortune she sets out on her usual mission of ruining Rachel’s life…. until it turns out that Cassie was one of those “tough love” kind of teachers. Admittedly, this was Kate Hudsons best episode of the season. As great as she is at being a bitch, it’s really nice to see her play the supportive mentor. 

The best part of the episode was Kurt’s father’s reaction to being cancer free. As well as his no-nonsense approach to telling Blaine that marriage at this point is stupid. If there was an award for most disappointing guest appearance it would go to Katey Sagal who stopped by Lima, Ohio for half a minute to play Artie’s awesome mother. 

Marriage seems to be on the brain, but WHO will actually tie the knot next episode (if anybody) and will we ever find out who’s catfishing Ryder? Plus, will Rachel land her dream role? Leave your thoughts in the comments below, and don’t miss the season 4 finale NEXT Thursday (What??? I know!) on FOX! 

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