REVIEW: 2 Broke Girls – Season 2 Episode 22 "And The Extra Work" – Episode Recap & Review

REVIEW: 2 Broke Girls – Season 2 Episode 22 “And The Extra Work” – Episode Recap & Review

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By Yael

When ‘Law & Order: Special Victims Unit’ walks into the diner, Max & Caroline find themselves dealing with a flirty director. If you haven’t seen “And the Extra Work” yet then read no further and consider this your official SPOILER ALERT! 

Hollywood hotshots decide that the diner would be a perfect location to kill a “special victim” for an episode of SVU. When Max & Caroline hear how much they can make working as an extra they jump at the opportunity. After convincing Han the crew sets up to shoot the episode, but when the ‘featured extra’ has already been a special victim, Caroline is offered the role. 
The flirty director invites Caroline to dinner… at his hotel… in his hotel room… So she drags Max along for security, but he thinks they’re interested in a three-sum. Caroline reject his offer and then next day she’s replaced by Max. Unfortunately, when Sophie wants to be a star she sets off gunshots and ruins Max’s costume. 

This hilarious episode that was full of Hollywood stereotypes and great SVU references (for the SVU fan in all of us). What did YOU think of the episode? Do you think the “Chestnut needs new shoes” storyline was lame or clever? Leave your thoughts in the comments & don’t miss all new episodes of 2 Broke Girls, Mondays on CBS. 

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