REVIEW: Once Upon A Time – Season 2 Episode 20 "The Evil Queen" – Episode Recap & Review

REVIEW: Once Upon A Time – Season 2 Episode 20 “The Evil Queen” – Episode Recap & Review

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By Yael

Just when we thought we knew the whole story of why Regina became so evil, OUAT reveals another layer to her heartlessness. If you haven’t seen “The Evil Queen” yet then read no further and consider this your official SPOILER ALERT!

In Storybrooke, Regina steals a magic bean and burns the rest of the crop, making it impossible for Emma, Snow, & Charming to return to the Enchanted Forest. When she informed Henry that she’s found a way to take him back but that it will cost the life of everyone in Storybrooke, he sees her true colors… until she uses magic to wipe this from his memory. Meanwhile, Owen & Tamara offer Hook a way to kill Gold once and for all, while helping them rid our world of magic. 

Emma & Henry get closer as they embark on “Operation Cobra 2.0 Praying Mantis” to uncover Tamara’s true intentions, after Emma realizes that she is the “she” that August was trying to warn them about. 

On the fairytale front, we see The Queen faces the townspeople’s unconditional love of Snow White and hatred of her. In an effort to capture (and kill) the traitor, Regina enlists Rumpelstiltskin to disguise her as a commoner. While wondering the marketplace, Regina is arrested. Snow White saves Regina (in peasant form) and takes her to the woods for some much needed recovery. As the peasant gets to know her savior, she learns that Snow still believes Regina’s heart can be saved. That is until they come upon a pile of bodies that The Queen ordered to be killed while searching for Snow White. Regina soon realizes that she will never be loved by her people and that she will always be their Evil Queen. 

Owen & Tamara’s evil plan has been moving quite slowly, and I fear that with only 2 episodes left, we’re not going to uncover what they’re really after until next season. Also, Emma’s “super power” has come into question this episode – do YOU think she can really tell when people are lying??? Leave your thoughts in the comments & don’t miss new episodes of Once Upon A Time, Sundays on ABC. 

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