REVIEW: Doctor Who – Season 7 Episode 10 "Hide" – Episode Recap & Review

REVIEW: Doctor Who – Season 7 Episode 10 “Hide” – Episode Recap & Review

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By Yael

Clara & The Doctor pop into 1974 to help hunt a ghost. Little do they know this ghost is not as fun as The Doctor expected. If you haven’t yet seen ‘Hide’ then read no further and consider this your official SPOILER ALERT.

The Doctor and Clara help an empathetic psychic Emma & Professor Alec Palmer hunt a ghost who has been seen for years screaming, in the same position over the course of many years. The Doctor takes the TARDIS back to the same location, as the Earth was forming to take a picture. Landing a few years later, he takes another picture, and so on through the end of the Earth. With the photo’s he has gathered, The Doctor is able to identify that the ghost is in fact a time traveler from the future who has crash landed in a “pocket universe” in which time moves differently, and is actually running from a scary creature. 

Using a wormhole created by the psychic to cross into the pocket, the Doctor saves the ghost but locks himself in the closing pocket with the creature. Clara takes matters into her own hands and heads to the TARDIS, which still hasn’t warmed to her. After snarky banter with an interface, Clara flies the TARDIS into the pocket universe and saves The Doctor.

Only after the entire adventure is over does The Doctor realize that the scary creature is actually just trying to reach his partner who somehow found her way into their universe, and we learn that the real reason The Doctor visited this ghost hunting couple was to ask Emma, the empathetic psychic, what she thinks of Clara.
Is it just me, or is The Doctor not letting Clara do anything. I mean, I get that he’s afraid she’ll die (again) but in this episode and in the last episode, ‘Cold War’, he’s told her to stay still and not touch anything. Then again, what happened to the first Clara we met? She used to be feisty and now she’s complacent. She’s the first companion to follow orders and it almost makes me miss Amy – well, not really.

Something else to note (especially for those with the theories about Clara) – did the “Witch in the Well” and the icy windows make you think about the Christmas episode with Clara??? Was the Professor’s house familiar? Maybe I’m just grasping at straws, but let my know what YOU think! 

Also, can someone tell me why the episode was titled ‘Hide’???

And don’t miss all new episodes of Doctor Who, Saturdays on BBC America. 

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