REVIEW: Glee – Season 4 Episode 19 "Sweet Dreams" – Episode Recap & Review

REVIEW: Glee – Season 4 Episode 19 “Sweet Dreams” – Episode Recap & Review 

By Yael
McKinley High begins to recover after last week’s not-school-shooting. If you haven’t yet seen “Sweet Dreams” do not read any further and consider this you SPOILER ALERT.

Mr. Schu regroups the Glee club after last week’s underwhelming tragedy and presents the set list for Regionals. 
Schu’s genius set list revolves around the theme Dreams, taking it literally he suggests commands the New Directions to perform songs from the ’70s and ’80s (Although, I must admit, I love Sweet Dreams). 
Meanwhile, Finn attends Lima College with surprise roommate Puck and Rachel prepares for Funny Girl auditions. Also, Coach Roz returns for the Cheerios and picks up a forgotten storyline of Blaine’s plan to get rid of Sue. 
Schue and Finn make up, ultimately deciding the Glee club should sing one of Marley’s originals, and Rachel earns a call-back after singing with her mother (guest star Idina Menzel).

Personally, I think that Marley’s first original song was super corny and sounded like it came from a Disney film.  And I knew that Rachel was going to sing  Dont Stop Believing as soon as she called Finn. Although, I did like Outcast – which songs did YOU like? And what do you make of the Sam/ Evan situation? Leave your thoughts in the comments and don’t miss all new episodes of Glee, Thursdays on FOX. 

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