REVIEW: 2 Broke Girls – Season 2 Episode 21 "And the Worst Selfie Ever" – Episode Recap & Review

REVIEW: 2 Broke Girls – Season 2 Episode 21 “And the Worst Selfie Ever” – Episode Recap & Review

By Yael
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Caroline calls Andy for a booty call and may have gotten more than she bargained for in ‘And the Worst Selfie Ever’ – if you haven’t seen episode 21 yet, do not read any further and consider this your official SPOILER ALERT. 

The episode opened on a seemingly unimportant interaction between the roommates discussing their awesome finds from the ‘Less than 1 Dollar’ store – including Caroline’s new sheets and fabric softener and Max’s steak and lawn chair. 
The next morning, Max wakes up to Caroline and Candy Andy cuddling in bed, only to learn that Caroline summoned Andy over for a booty call. By the evening, as Caroline prepares to call Andy again, she feels a discomfort in her nether-regions. 
After a search on Web MD and a consultation with Sophie (a ‘Nurse without Credentials… it’s kinda like Doctors without Borders), Caroline heads to the clinic. The nurse at reception informs her that the test for herpes is $200 and that she’s probably positive, so Caroline confronts Andy. 
Later the nurse comes to the diner to reveal that Caroline is clean and allergic to the fabric softener she purchased at the ‘Less than 1 Dollar’ store. 
The final moments of the episode involve Caroline and Max promising each other to put their whole hearts into the cupcake business, and reaffirm that they plan to attempt it again… which meant that this herpes-scare and entire episode was pretty pointless.
Yes, there were a few great Han jokes, but overall it was a snore. Caroline and Andy didn’t end up back together, and she didn’t end up with herpes – so what was the point?
What did you think of ‘And the Worst Selfie Ever’? Was is a laugh-riot or a snooze? Do you want to see Caroline and Andy back together? Comment below and don’t miss the final episodes of the season, Monday nights on CBS. 

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