REVIEW: Glee – Season 4, Episode 18 "Shooting Star" – Episode Recap & Review

Naming tonight’s episode of ‘Shooting Star’ was a very clever move by creator Ryan Murphy. If you have not seen ‘Shooting Star’ yet, do no read any further and consider this your SPOILER ALERT!

‘Shooting Star’ begins Brittany S. Pierce making a ridiculous claim that an astroid/ comet/ meteor is heading towards Earth (like a shooting star?) and that everyone at McKinley will die – Artie thankfully pointed out for the audience that this notion seemed very familiar. Schu takes this opportunity to teach the Glee club about taking advantage of every moment and telling your loved ones how you feel.

Brittany informs everyone of her mistake and that nothing is hurdling towards Earth. As the Glee club celebrates that they aren’t going to die, gun shots are heard within the school – See where the creative episode title comes in?

Most of the Glee club (sans Brittany and Tina) barricade themselves in the choir room for safety until the SWAT team gives the all clear. While hiding in the choir room Kitty confesses to Marley that she intentionally led Marley towards an eating disorder and Ryder decides to call his mystery girl, only to discover that she’s in Glee Club.

In the end no students were hurt and the shooter was left unidentified until Sue Sylvester admits that SHE was the shooter… I can’t be the only one who didn’t believe this, right? The audience was supposed to assume that Sue was protecting someone, right? And the only person on that campus that Sue would give up everything for was Becky, right?

Honestly, the musical numbers were cute, but I can’t even remember what they sang. All this episode did for me was remind me of season 3, episode 14 – where Karofsky tried to kill himself and Quinn was in a car accident while texting and driving. As soon as the episode started with a “This episode contains violence that may not be suitable for all viewers” I knew that Ryan Murphy had something heartbreaking up his sleeve. And I’ll admit that I thought a New Directions member was going to die, but I also thought that Becky was going to attempt to kill herself.

Do you think Becky will come clean and Sue will be reinstated? Who do you think is Ryder’s mystery girl? And what did you think of a NYC-less episode, too much McKinley or ‘Who needs Rachel’???

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