INTERVIEW: NBC’s Revolution – stars Zak Orth & Tim Guinee, plus Co-Executive Producer David Rambo – WonderCon 2013 Anaheim

By Yael

ANAHEIM — NBC’s hit action-adventure sci-fi series, Revolution, has returned to finish off it’s explosive first season. Whether you’re loving the show for its addictive storyline or the characters’ warrior style, you’re going to really envy the fact that we got to sit and chat with the show’s co-stars Zak Orth (Aaron) and Tim Guinee (Ben), as well as co-executive producer David Rambo during WonderCon 2013. We’ve got the scoop on what’s to come before the season finale.
This is a show where once you think you know who the big bad is, it’s somebody else. ~ David Rambo, Co-Executive Producer

The second half of the season seems to be on an accelerated path. Why is that? 

David Rambo: It wasn’t a conscious decision to suddenly pick things up, the story picked things up. Danny’s death galvenized everyone of the heroes and when you’re avenging someone’s death, you don’t sit around and take the time. You go after them. 

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with actor Tim Guinee (Ben Matheson) 

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