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REVIEW: 3 Best Things about Doctor Who – Season 11 Episode 1 “The Woman Who Fell To Earth”

Doctor Who is finally back on BBC America and whovians around the globe couldn’t be more excited to meet their new Doctor. Jodie Whitaker not only took on the iconic role, she made history as the first female to play the Doctor. While the entire episode was full of emotional moments, check out my top three things about the premiere below.

Consider this your Spoiler Warning!

1. Whittaker’s Doctor is really her own.

We’ve had a variety of Doctors in the new run of the series – from Chris Eccleston’s PTSD suffering Doctor to the entire emotional journey of David Tennant’s four years followed by the hipster Matt Smith, which transitioned amusingly into the grumpy Scottish man Peter Capaldi – like with every regeneration, her arrival was refreshing. Her choices to speak slowly and methodically felt so different from the ADHD 20-something version we saw in Smith or the quippy sarcasm that dripped from Capaldi’s lips. There was a genuineness to her choices which is so traditionally Doctor, the way they get everyone to believe them and follow their lead and trust them so quickly. She nailed it!

2. The new companions.

… sorry, Friends. That’s right after years of the Doctor having a companion (which only happened after years of calling them his “assistant”), this Doctor has elected to have three new friends – Ryan (Tosin Cole), Yaz (Mandip Gill), and Graham (Bradley Walsh) – who will eventually join her on the TARDIS for adventures throughout space and time. Although I was skeptical as to how these three would come together – seriously, Graham is an old man – but this season premiere blew me away with their seamless intertwining.

3. It ended on a cliffhanger! 

I was not expecting to end the season premiere shouting “what?!” at my television. As if I wasn’t already planning to return for another adventure next week, the show decided it wasn’t going to leave anything to chance. We just met our Doctor, we met her new friends, and now they’re IN SPACE!

New episodes of Doctor Who airs Saturdays on BBC America.

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Updated: Jan 2021

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